Restaurants and Companies Are Asking For Proof of Vaccination

Instead of your favorite restaurants asking if you have reservations on a busy Friday, they could be asking you if you’ve been vaccinated. A growing list of restaurants and companies are starting to ask whether you have been vaccinated and if you have proof of your vaccination.

A restaurant in Atlanta has already made it clear that if you can’t show proof of vaccination, then you’ll be denied entry into their building. Argosy, a restaurant in Atlanta, decided to issue a “no vaccine no entry” policy for their restaurant after the co-owner and three other employees tested positive for Covid-19.

A report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution concluded that the co-owner and the three other employees were all fully vaccinated. So the decision to ask patrons to be vaccinated in order to enter the restaurant is bizarre.

That’s not the only establishment in Atlanta that is mandating a proof of vaccination in order to enter; an LGBTQ Bar called Mary’s also created a policy that will only allow patrons who are vaccinated to enter their bar.

It’s not just restaurants in Atlanta that are asking for proof of a COVID vaccination; liberal-run cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, etc. are also seeing a large number of bars and restaurants asking for proof of vaccination in order to get service. Gov. Cuomo of New York is now encouraging restaurants to ask for proof of vaccinations too.

How Can People Prove They Are Vaccinated?

Many states have their own vaccination record registries, so after a person is vaccinated, they are sent a QR code; this code then can be scanned by a smartphone by the person who is asking to see proof.

States like New York, Califronia, and Hawaii already made apps which store your vaccination record and are able to pull up that information using a QR code.

Other states are simply issuing the vaccination card as a pdf or in physical form. Instead of carrying the actual card around, most people have just taken a picture of it and show it to whoever is asking to see proof. I guess the days of ‘I’ll take your word for it’ are finished.

Big Tech Companies are Mandating Vaccines for Employees

Big Tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have issued vaccine mandates for all employees that are working inside of their offices. Currently, a large number of their employees are not in their office headquarters, due to the fact most Google, Facebook, and Twitter employees have been working remotely.

As of right now, employees that are working remotely are not required to get a COVID vaccine; however, if they step foot in their company’s office, then they must be vaccinated and be able to show proof too.

The federal government has also issued a mandate for vaccinations, so it appears if you’re living in a blue state and you’re not vaccinated, life is going to be rough.