Retired General Calls Trump Supporters in the Military A “Threat From Within”

A retired US General has just publicly blasted military members who are Trump supporters; he even went as far as calling them an enemy threat from within.

Retired General Steven Anderson, while on CNN, blasted military members who are Trump supporters and even, at one point, referred to them as uneducated.

According to the Daily Mail, retired General Steven Anderson insulted members of the Armed Forces and said they need to stop listening to the Pillow Guy.

Anderson was referring to CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell, who has been filing lawsuits in multiple states where there was alleged voting fraud.

CNN should be ashamed of themselves to allow anyone, especially a retired general, to label Trump supporters as a threat within the military.

The United States has real threats like China and Russia, but are too busy calling heroes a threat. It’s quite sickening.

200 Marines Removed From Duty for Refusing the Vaccine

US Armed Forces are not only facing attacks for their political support towards Trump, but also for their stances on their choice to refuse to get vaccinated.

A recent report by a Marine spokesperson stated in an email there has been, so far, 206 US Marines who have been removed from duty for refusing to get vaccinated.

Their removal come months after Defense Secretary LLoyd Austin issued a vaccine mandate for all US service members.

US military members had until November 28th to get vaccinated and those who are in the reserves had until Tuesday.

Within the Marine Corp, there were over 3,247 religious exemption requests filed by Marines. So far, zero of those exemption requests have been accepted.

It’s recorded that as of right now, over 1.9 million members of the military have been vaccinated and a large majority of them are only getting vaccinated so they won’t be discharged.

If This Trend Continues, the Military Will Lose Recruits

The military usually would stay neutral when it came to politics and leadership would usually lean more towards the conservative side.

However, that trend is finished and leaders within the Pentagon have proven to the world they are more concerned with playing woke politics than restoring democracies around the world.

Under the Biden administration and the current leadership within the Department of Defense, the nation of Afghanistan fell under Biden’s watch.

That’s not the only country, though; the country of Myanmar also collapsed, due to a coup. Biden just sat back and watched as a vicious military regime slaughtered hundreds of people in the streets who protested about the military takeover.

While Myanmar was being taken over and Afghanistan was falling, the woke generals within the Pentagon were defending critical race theory and promoting LGBTQ videos on YouTube.

The US military may not be as strong as Americans think it is.