RFK Speaks Up on Climate Change Being Used to Push a Totalitarian Agenda

For the first time since forever, a Democratic candidate is finally making sense. RFK tackles the issue of mega-billionaires influencing the masses, claiming that climate change topics are being used to enforce control on society.

While RFK didn’t deny the existence of the issues, per se, he did outline that they’re being spun way out of proportion by left-leaning billionaires like the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates.

They exploited it to impose a form of totalitarian control on the American people.

Climate change used as a psyop to force Americans into a totalitarian regime

While there’s little evidence to actually support this, there’s enough to get someone thinking; you may notice how climate change only got back into the limelight once COVID was gone.

Hundreds of world leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum earlier this year; it led to a number of discussions on the topic of climate change.

Those speaking at the forum presented ideas of carless cities, even claiming the world didn’t need growth or even development at the time. This is right when the US is going through what could easily be described as the worst economic state in the past 50 years.

However, the issue lies in the demands that these mega-billionaires and leaders made. They called for governments to impose legislation that would require businesses and civilians to strive toward a zero-carbon emission future.

Sleepy Joe’s got competition

RFK went on to explain just how the climate chaos is being utilized as a means of controlling the people, now that the global crisis from 2020 has been averted and everyone’s slowly settling back in.

The presidential candidate also explained he’s been tackling the issue himself ever since the 80s. He’s always believed free market capitalism is the solution to climate change, rather than the top-down control system the far left is proposing.

Kennedy filed his bid for the Democratic primaries on April 5th, becoming the 2nd Democratic candidate to step up to the plate, right after Marianne Williamson.

Many believe RFK to be one of few decent replacements for Biden; although just about anyone would do a better job than Sleepy Joe.