Rhode Island Legalizes Heroin Injection Sites

The state of Rhode Island has passed a bill that will make Rhode Island the first state to create a heroin injection site. Democrat Governor Daniel McKee signed a piece of legislation that will allow people to do drugs in an area called a harm reduction center.

A harm reduction center will provide health screenings, clean needles, and a safe place to do drugs. The bill will start as a two-year pilot program that will aim to reduce the number of drug overdoses in the state.

According to the Providence Journal, the state of Rhode Island had 384 overdose deaths and so far this year, there has been 140 overdose deaths. You would think the state would aim to prevent drug addiction all together, instead of allowing people to shoot up drugs on their watch.

The Trump Administration Blocked Philadelphia Attempt to Make an Injection Site

In 2018, Philadelphia attempted to open up “drug safe houses,” but their efforts were blocked by the Trump administration. A federal appeals court decided that Philadelphia’s efforts to supervise people doing drugs ultimately violated a 1986 law that was enacted during the crack epidemic. The law declares that those who allow their houses to be used as drug dens will be prosecuted.

Philadelphia wasn’t the first state to attempt to open up and injection site; in the early half of 2018, California also attempted to open a safe zone for drug users, but Gov. Jerry Brown shut down the idea.

Many states already have a Syringe Service Program (SSP) which teaches people how to inject drugs in a safe manner. They also provide safe sterile needles for drug users to prevent HIV and Hepatitis. It’s almost as the United States is telling citizens “you can do drugs, but just do them safely”.

Instead of teaching youth about morality, they push a narrative that they can be immoral, but just be safe while doing it. The sad reality is that SSP is a proven failure, yet leftists still want to continue ahead with them.

Canada’s Injection Site is Being Labeled as a Failure

A recent study by the Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice has declared that an injection site in Vancouver Canada is a complete failure. Since Vancouver opened their Incite facility (which allows people to shoot up drugs safely), the overdose deaths in the city have increased.

Overdose Deaths in America Increased During COVID-19

According to a report by the CDC, 81,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2020. Many believe that lockdowns had a major psychological and economic impact on people, leading them to do drugs.

There was also a major increase in overdoses, due to the fact that synthetic opioids like fentanyl have been used to cut up many drugs that are on the streets today.