Rittenhouse Fires Back at Biden for Calling Him a White Supremacist

It looks like Joe Biden could be sued for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse; in Kyle’s first interview after a court found him not guilty, the 18-year-old had a lot to say regarding Biden’s reckless comments about him.

Kyle’s interview took place on the Tucker Carlson show and as always, Tucker doesn’t report fluffy news.

One of Tucker’s first questions to Kyle was, ‘how does it make you feel that the president of the United States called you a white supremacist?’ Rittenhouse responded by saying ‘If I could tell Biden one thing, it would be to watch the trial because all the facts have already been revealed’.

Carlson then replied, ‘it’s not a small matter he called you that’ to which Rittenhouse agreed by saying, ‘Biden’s comments were malice and an act of defaming my character.’

Can the President of the United States be Sued?

Biden could be possibly sued for his defamation remarks because his comments come from an unofficial act. The Supreme Court ruled previously in a 5-4 decision that a president has immunity from all civil lawsuits that stem from an official act.

That decision doesn’t cover unofficial acts, like Biden’s statements on Rittenhouse. Since the beginning of the trial, Rittenhouse was painted as a white supremacist by MSNBC, CNN, and Hollywood.

Now that Kyle was found not guilty, he’s sure to find his pockets much more full because the corporate media is about to be sued to the ceiling.

More Details on the Interview

Fox News reported more details on the interview and covered the specifics of the night the shooting occurred. Rittenhouse explained how the people he shot dead were threatening folks all night and also constantly using the n-word.

According to Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum, on multiple occasions, said he was going to ‘f-ing kill everybody,’ and would go on to say he was going to ‘cut your heart out.’ Rittenhouse isn’t telling a tale, either; there are multiple different videos of Rosenbaum cursing and threatening people that have been shared on Twitter.

Rittenhouse would go on to explain the second person he shot (Anthony Huber) hit him in the head with a skateboard, which led Rittenhouse to shoot him.

Rittenhouse also called out attorneys Lin Wood and John Pierce for attempting to take back the bail money posted on his behalf. Lin Wood raised close to $2 million on Kyle’s behalf, but is now asking for all that money back, and even filed a motion accordingly.

Most of the money was given to Lin Wood’s foundation for Rittenhouse. The money was not for Lin Wood to keep for himself. Therefore, Rittenhouse will now find himself back in court yet again, but this time, his life doesn’t depend on it.