Ron DeSantis Leaves Leftists Speechless After Comments on Communism

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a top target for the left. There’s a very simple reason for that: because he’s effective.

The list of DeSantis’ victories is long, and he’s only a state governor. The man resisted Joe Biden’s unconstitutional COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He also has led a conservative revival in the free state of Florida.

DeSantis has even taken huge steps, like blocking teachers from spreading sexual ideas to young kids in Florida schools, taking away advantages from the Disney Company after it threatened him, and more.

Most recently, DeSantis spoke about the new Victims of Communism Day, which he started as a holiday in Florida. What he said has left the left speechless.

DeSantis Calls Out Leftist Lies

On Monday, DeSantis officially declared every year on November 7 to be a day to remember those who suffered and died under communist regimes.

From the Soviet Union to Cambodia, Cuba, and China, victims of communism have been in the hundreds of millions and should never be forgotten.

Speaking on Tuesday about the dangers of communism, DeSantis went after the Biden regime for its soft approach to communist dictatorships. In particular, he pointed to Biden’s recent decision to ease up on penalties against Venezuela and Cuba.

These countries are both communist dictatorships. Venezuela is run by a group of corrupt narcoterrorists who control the military. Cuba is run by a degenerate class of murderous socialist thugs.

As DeSantis said, the ugly truth is Biden easing up sanctions will “increase” the funding these communist countries receive from the United States, and that’s just not acceptable.

Later in his remarks, DeSantis took a question from a journalist who wondered how DeSantis would respond to state lawmaker Carlos Smith.

This far-left socialist recently said DeSantis himself is like a communist dictator who doesn’t tolerate other points of view.

What Did DeSantis Say?

DeSantis said Smith’s words are a huge “disservice” to Floridians who’ve suffered under real Marxism and communism, including right nearby in Cuba.

Many refugees from Cuba settled in Florida. As DeSantis said, they wouldn’t have risked their life for 90 miles on the ocean for “freedom” if Florida was a dictatorial regime.

They know Florida is free. They know America and its system is a million times better than communism and socialism. So, they risk their lives to get to it.

Responding further, DeSantis slammed Smith for having a “soft spot” for communism and revolting dictators like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua.

As DeSantis said, he feels nothing but “contempt” for these kinds of viewpoints. He knows they are out of touch with reality and have directly hurt many residents of his state who fled from them.

He’s right on the mark here with this response.