Rules For Thee, Not For Me | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 462


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, some of the mayors in major cities that are under lockdown have decided that they are allowed to break their own rules. Apparently, as Orwell wrote, some animals are more equal than others. Also Five Headlines including a dad being arrested in front of his six-year-old daughter for playing t-ball in a park. And today we cancel the media outlets that have decided to become propaganda arms for the Chinese government.

Rules for Thee, Not for Me – 03:38
Dr. Birx admits a “liberal approach” to recording mortality – 17:14
Father arrested playing t-ball with his six-year-old daughter – 19:40
Environmentalists say we’ve reversed pollution – 23:21
White House says economy could reopen in 4-8 weeks – 24:17
R.I.P. John Prine – 25:29
Chuck Schumer & Sheila Jackson mask malfunction – 27:23
Media propaganda is canceled – 28:40

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