Russia Slaughters Dozens of POWs, Lies Ukraine Did It

(Social media photos show the interior of the Olenivka prison after the blast with charred remains of Ukrainian POWs)

The forces of Putin’s Russia appear to have carried out a terrifying false flag operation.

They have blown up a jail with Ukrainian prisoners of war, many of whom they severely tortured or/and or killed. Then, the Russians blamed it on Ukrainians as a pathetic attempt of hiding the truth.

‘They Already Started to Testify’ Under Torture

More than 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war have been killed. At least 75 were wounded in an explosion in a prison in Olenivka.

The Russian authorities and Russian proxies in Donetsk declared the facility was hit by Ukraine using the HIMARS rocket systems supplied by the US.

This is a convenient arrangement that allows Moscow to blame both Ukraine and the United States at the same time.

According to Moscow, the Ukrainians blew up their own POWs in order to intimidate other Ukrainian troops into not surrendering.

(Social media photos show the interior of the Olenivka prison after the blast with charred remains of Ukrainian POWs)

“Classic, Cynical, Elaborate”

Ukraine’s authorities, however, painted a very different picture of the situation, one that is far more plausible and likely to correspond to the truth.

They say Russians have been using the prison in Olenivka to severely torture Ukrainian captives and actually already killed many of them.

The General Staff of Ukraine’s military said the Russian troops performed “targeted artillery shelling” on the prison with almost 200 Ukrainian POWs.

Their goal was to both “hide the torture and executions” of prisoners and “accuse Ukraine of war crimes.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s main adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, described the Russian claims as a “classic, cynical and elaborate false flag” operation.

The atrocity in Olenivka has come after a video on social media showed how Russian soldiers pinned down a Ukrainian POW and castrated him in cold blood, showing his cut-off genitalia to the camera.

Further evidence emerged that Russians orchestrated the blast at the Olenivka prison, two months ago, after a message sent on one of the pro-Kremlin Telegram channels showed fake warnings that Ukrainians would blow up the prison in Olenivka.

The date in question was a month before Ukrainians even received their first HIMARS rocket systems from the US.

The same message also claimed the attack will be carried out under the command of British officers incorporated in the Ukrainian military.

More than 41,000 members of the Russian military have been killed in combat in Ukraine, according to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian government, as of Saturday morning.

When adding the troops of the Russian mercenaries, proxies, and auxiliaries, the total number of those killed in battle likely swells to 80,000.

Besides that, Ukrainians have already destroyed about 11,000 Russian military equipment pieces, including 4,000 armored personnel carriers and close to 2,000 main battle tanks.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.