Russian Commander Commits Suicide Over State of Tanks

(Social media photos showing recently destroyed Russian military equipment in Ukraine)

The military of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is failing miserably in its quest to conquer Ukraine; however, it has been committing various war crimes against Ukrainian civilians.

Against the backdrop of this comes the unenviable fate of a tank unit commander in Russia; this has exposed the desperate condition of the country’s military equipment.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the commander of a tank regiment in Russia committed suicide when he realized only 10% of the tanks in his unit were operational because of rampant theft.

This occurred since the unit had been summoned to fight in Ukraine and replenish Putin’s losses on the ground there.

Tank Regiment Commander Devastated by Dire State of Equipment

The estimates of the Ukrainian military are that a total of 582 Russian tanks have been destroyed in the Ukraine invasion so far, together with more than 16,600 troops and other major losses.

As the vastly outgunned Ukrainians have defended their nation valiantly, that exposed terrible logistical failures of the Russian military. The Putin regime is now left scrambling to rush more manpower and equipment to the battlefields of Ukraine.

In terms of service personnel, Putin has resorted to seeking out Syrian mercenaries. He is unwilling to draft Russian civilians for the war, out of fear this could lead to a political implosion of Russia.

The loss of military equipment is said to be far more concerning for Putin. However, the country still has vast stockpiles of rusty armor left over from the times of the Cold War in the former Soviet Union.

However, those stockpiles don’t seem to be much of an asset, considering the revelations of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

According to the report, nine out of ten of his tanks were “unserviceable” because numerous of their parts had been stolen, including even the engines in some cases.

The senior Russian military officer who killed himself is alleged to be the commander of the 13th Panzer (“tank”) regiment within the 4th tank division of the Russian army.

(Social media photos showing recently destroyed Russian military equipment in Ukraine)

Russia’s ‘Deconservation’ of Rusty Soviet-Era Armor ‘Thwarted’

The announcement of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry revealed Russia is putting together facilities for repair and storage of tanks and other armored vehicles in Klimove. The facilities are supposed to repair military equipment damaged in the battlefields in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russia is struggling with “the impossibility” of revamping military equipment, such as tanks, after its “deconservation” from military warehouses.

It noted the availability of precious metals in some of the tanks’ equipment made them a prime target for theft within the Russian military.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry thus described the condition of the Russian equipment that is supposed to be “de-conserved” as “extremely unsatisfactory,” rendering its use on the battlefields in Ukraine “impossible.”

According to the update, the situation with the condition of the armored equipment in Russia’s warehouses is so dire that plans to transfer the tanks to the battlefield “have actually been thwarted.”

Russia already lost dozens of senior military officers because of the war in Ukraine, largely to Ukrainian snipers, including seven generals.

In one case, another Russian tank regiment commander died after he was deliberately run over by his own troops, who were outraged by the gigantic losses their unit sustained.