Russian Foreign Ministry Gives Their 2 Cents on Trump’s Arrest

Despite all of the sanctions the US imposed on Russia and the country’s prominent figures, they do still have some officials in the US.

Among those is the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who was recently interviewed on a number of matters, including his opinions regarding the most recent arrest of former President Donald Trump, which he refused to comment on.

Peskov refuses to comment on Trump’s situation

According to him, he’s not in the position to be making comments that would interfere with our country’s internal affairs, using it as a way to push the idea that the US shouldn’t involve itself with Russia’s internal affairs either.

Peskov said it’s not a topic he should be commenting on, as it’s not in Russia’s best interest to get involved.

However, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova didn’t refrain from commenting on the arrest, saying it’s a testament to America’s collapsing government model.

Zakharova went on to claim what the US is currently going through is a crisis of liberalism.

Russians flaunting their nukes once again

According to Zakharova, the western governing model tends to do this periodically and it either devours itself completely or it outright rejects its own development.

Following up on Zakharova’s comments was Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, who explained the Cold War sentiment between the US and Russia has long subsided and we’re currently in a much more heated conflict.

He outlined the current happenings in Ukraine and the sanctions the world imposed on Russia following the invasion, claiming it to be a hybrid war against the country on a number of fronts.

Of course, Russia is using every opportunity to victimize itself after violating Ukraine’s borders.

The US took the worst possible route when we elected Joe to the White House and his partner in crime, Kamala Harris, helped him run this country into the ground.

We’ve reached a point where our most basic rights are being denied by the woke left’s advances; political figures from the GOP are under fire night and day.

Our traditional values have been stepped on and completely destroyed; without people protecting them from the influence of the woke mob, our country will be doomed.