San Francisco Pushes Plan to “End Transgender Homelessness“

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San Francisco’s Democrat Mayor, London Breed, came under fire this week after announcing the city will be rolling out an initiative to combat the issue of homelessness.

The focus will be on persons who identify as transgender. The plan aims to end the issue among this demographic by the end of 2027, with its total budget currently sitting at around $6.5 million.

This is once again pointing out the enormous amount of pull the once-inconsequential LGBT community now has on media and politics.

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Liberal policies never cease to amaze

Breed tweeted about the upcoming plan to her 100k followers; they were certainly not happy.

The post amassed over 350 quote retweets in a little over a day, the majority of them showing their dissatisfaction with the mayor.

The plan in question aims to get the transgender portion of the homeless population housed as quickly as possible.

It is completely ignoring last year’s statistics showing the trans population makes up for barely 4% of the city’s total amount of homeless persons.

Anyone with a bit of common sense who saw the announcement, including some members of the LGBT community, criticized Breed on Twitter.

Critics were stating her plan isolates non-transgender homeless people, some even comparing the whole situation to a South Park episode, due to its absurdity.

Jake Shields, a former UFC fighter, claims to have been utterly confused with the plan’s intentions, joking about the idea of homeless people acquiring housing through being diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

San Francisco mayor divides the community

Others dubbed her plan as divisive, pointing out the left’s constant talk about division being what’s ruining America.

Yet, here we are, singling out the majority of the city’s homeless people only to pander to the 4% that identify as trans.

It’s further denoted by the fact San Francisco remains among the top 10 cities in the US for its high homeless population, even after a slight decline in the past couple of years.

Unfortunately, city officials haven’t been effective in solving the issue; they’ve spent tens of billions of US dollars since 2016 with nothing to show for it.

They ended up forcing some homeless people who had become part of the program to abandon it, due to the poor living conditions.

How does someone manage to provide such horrible accommodations that a person would rather live out on the street than in a hotel?

Well, according to Richard Brustie, one of the shelters the city provided for him and his girlfriend was littered with black mold; the bathrooms and dining areas were covered in human and animal feces.

Unfortunately, his gender identity just won’t cut it, at least according to Breed’s plan. The plan will receive a budget review by the city’s Board of Supervisors before the approval/rejection deadline on July 1st.