San Francisco’s Pricey Garbage Cans Show The Deep Rot in the Far Left Paradise

Residents and visitors from San Francisco are shocked by the city’s current situation. Everyone who takes a stroll through San Francisco is struck by the huge amount of garbage scattered throughout the city.

In addition to the bad smell, used needles, and human excrement you might stumble across, there are also problems occurring in this once great city, including rampant homelessness, drug addiction, and soaring house prices.

As far as garbage goes, the few trash cans in terrible condition are not enough to hold all the garbage. Though worry not, the progressives of San Francisco’s city council have a solution…

$20,000 Trash Cans

Yes, this is what the city government has come up with. Incredibly, the city government is looking into a project to end this mess all over San Francisco once and for all.

Though to tell you the truth, I’m not sure they’re evaluating the issue in a way that matches reality.

The new project includes acquisition of new garbage cans that will be distributed throughout the city. Each trash can will cost between $11,000 and $20,000 each.

Yes, you read that right. That’s exactly what you read. I even made sure the numbers were typed in the right way. It’s absurd!

Incredibly, the cans each take four years to produce and rack up to around $20,000 each.

Why Are the New Cans So Expensive?

I was wondering what’s so special about these garbage cans! Are they made of some precious metal like platinum or gold? It’s not logical to be so expensive and take so longer to produce!

After people’s outrage over the price, the city government said it will reevaluate the project with the industrial company they hired to make the prototypes. San Francisco said they will evaluate the possibility of other garbage can options.

The city declared it intends to replace about 3,000 cans; so, at this price, the trash cans will cost more than $9 million from the public coffers.

Liberal Idiocy on Display

According to the city, there are many garbage cans that need to be replaced, in addition to the production of new ones, due to the degradation they find of people attacking them.

The city blames that much of the degradation on the homeless who knock down trash cans and also use them to light fires to heat themselves and their crack pipes.

Maybe the new dumpsters are homeless-proof or they could make them dispense free crack pipes, courtesy of Biden!

According to the city, the new garbage cans will be produced in a way that makes graffiti difficult. I have no idea how that’s going to be possible.

It seems to me these are just more excuses and arguments to justify an abusive price coming out of the pockets of taxpayers. Welcome to idiocracy.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.