Say Their Names | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 570


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Schumer and Pelosi forget George Floyd’s name, progressives cancel progressive president Woodrow Wilson, and rainbow glitter bestows coronavirus immunity at Pride.

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0:00 Pelosi and Schumer can’t remember George Floyd’s name
4:00 The left goes after Woodrow Wilson
7:55 Presist drops truth bombs on the ignorant crowd
12:31 Trump: protecting statues finally
16:01 NYT Trump Russia… Again
19:30 Most dangerous cities in America
22:29 Trump makes a mistake
25:15 California legalizes racism
28:00 Pride: massive turnout
38:25 Joe Biden wants to mandate masks
41:34 Nursing home deaths
43:03 Dixie Chicks go woke and change their name
45:04 More attacks on Columbus
46:50 BLM Marxist

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