Scheduled Drag Show at Air Force Base Gets Cancelled

These days, there’s a lot of controversy going around when it comes to drag shows.

Lately, Americans have witnessed children being allowed to attend drag shows at various bars. Here, the performers in question were undressing, behaving in a lewd manner, and otherwise not conducting themselves in a way that’s appropriate for kids.

Then, on top of that, some drag queens have been caught reading to children in libraries. Many Americans don’t feel comfortable with this at all. It’s been pointed out on numerous occasions that drag isn’t appropriate for kids.

Now, the latest incident involving drag deals with a scheduled show that was initially planned to take place at an Air Force base just earlier this month. According to Fox News, this drag show was cancelled.

Courtesy of Congressman Gaetz

Upon learning Nevada’s Nellis Air Force Base was scheduled to host a drag show that would be supposedly “child friendly,” GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz contacted the Defense Department accordingly.

Gaetz asked the department why it was opting to host this event, notably since US taxpayers would be the ones footing the bill for it.

Not long afterward, news broke that the Pentagon ordered the termination of the Nevada drag show, along with commanding that no bases of military operations may host drag shows going forward.

America Reacts

On social media, many supporters of Gaetz stated he did the right thing by making contact with the Pentagon regarding the since-cancelled drag show. There was also a common theme of taxpayers not wanting their funds to be spent on a drag event that kids would have been exposed to.

Gaetz himself also celebrated the news on social media, stating it was wholly inappropriate for the Pentagon to have ever approved something like this.

Time will tell whether or not more controversies surrounding drag shows continue to emerge.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.