Sen. Lindsey Graham Warns WWIII is on Its Way

During an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham expressed concerns that if Russia, China, and Iran “get away with” their various goals, the result will be World War III.

In the event that such countries fulfill their goals, “you’ll be in a third global war with a group of radical Islamists who have nuclear weapons,” he told presenter Jesse Watters on his radio show.

“That is why you must maintain tight control over your borders.” “Consider WWII,” he reminded the audience. As the saying goes, “what didn’t really work out well previously, is unlikely to work well now.”

Graham believes Putin “is after more than Ukraine,” adding the nation is a “democracy” that he will be “dismembering.” Graham also believes Putin “is wanting more than Ukraine.”

Graham Had More to Say

“He’s going to take over the entire country. China is keeping an eye on what he’s done,” he added. “If Taiwan collapses — which is where the vast majority of the world’s chips are manufactured — China would effectively take over Taiwan.”

Graham went on to say that Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will seek a nuclear weapon in order to pursue his religious goal.

“I’m not sure how much longer we as a nation will have to endure and allow bad guys to kick us in the a— and allow us to lose all control of our own future here at home,” Graham said. “As a result, I’m not sure how to deal with thugs in a civilized manner.”

Graham claimed if elected president, he would designate Russian President Vladimir Putin a global war criminal. Putin violated Russia’s 1994 vow not to attack Ukraine and Putin should “face a price personally” as a result.

When it comes to Putin’s “oligarchs,” he says he would “take their opulent homes back from them, auction their yachts, and throw them in prison for being crony capitalists.”

During his time, the Republican senator also said he would also summon for this to impact petroleum from the United States to the EU.

GOP Senator Marco Rubio Had Quite a Bit to Say Also

Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged the independence of two rebel regions in Ukraine this week, prompting Republican Sen. Marco Rubio to warn a wider attack on Ukraine could be launched by his country.

Senator Marco Rubio stated during a Tuesday interview with “Fox & Friends” that “Putin is just not going to stop with both of these two little areas near his borderline.”

“On top of that, you don’t need 200,000 people with all of that armor, airpower, and sea power to merely occupy two regions where you’ve already had significant dissident activity for a long period of time,” the senator added.