Senior Citizen Stops Criminal by Pulling Off His Mask

Who needs Batman or Robin when you have senior citizens?!

A senior citizen at a Walmart located in Campbell River, British Columbia has become a living legend. It all began when a suspected shoplifter with a cart full of goods left Walmart without paying for his goods.

A man by the name of Darrell Johansen started to record the masked thief and asked the shoplifter, “will you pay for all of that?”

The man responded by saying ‘yes,’ but proceeded to get his bike and was on the jolt out the doors of Walmart.

Then, all of a sudden, a granny came and grabbed the perps ski mask. The man started to swing his head back and forth to avoid having his ski mask taken off, but granny was too strong for the shoplifter and prevailed by ripping off his mask.

The older woman then proceeded to grab the cart and pull it away from the shoplifter. After getting exposed and outmuscled, the thief grabbed his book bag and left all of his stolen items behind.

Watch the moment it happened here:

More on the Heroic Act

The older woman who exposed the alleged thief can be heard on the video saying, ‘you’re the reason why the prices are always going up.‘ She then used several other strong slurs to express her frustration with the shoplifter.

Darell Johansen, the man who recorded the video, posted the heroic action on Facebook and added a caption that read, ‘I’ll take this woman as a crime-fighting partner over anybody’.

The woman was quite brave, considering at the same Walmart three months ago, a security guard was stabbed for preventing a shoplifter from stealing goods.

This Old Lady Did What a Woke Actor Couldn’t Do

Actor Michael Rapaport, last week, recorded a man shoplifting a bunch of goods in a Rite Aid located in Manhattan.

Instead of stopping the man, Rapaport and a security guard watched the thief walk right out of the Rite Aid. Rapaport even followed the man, hurling curse words to entertain his Instagram followers, instead of actually stopping the criminal.

Take a look! (Warning this video contains strong language.)

We all know what super granny would’ve done; she would have ripped that criminal’s mask off and taken the stolen goods from his hands.

More and more Rite Aids, Walgreens, and Walmarts are being stolen from, due to Democrat-run cities being not tough on theft. In most liberal states, stealing a large number of goods worth under $1,000 will result in just a fine.

Business owners are going to think twice before they vote next election, because if liberals continue to run America’s cities, they will all end up turning into Detroit.