Sleepy Joe Laughs as Press Reporters Are Pushed Out of the Oval Office!

Upon welcoming the Danish Prime Minister into the White House, where both Biden and Mette Frederiksen had a few words to say about the alliance between Denmark and the USA, the press desperately struggled to get a few words out of Joe.

Unfortunately, security escorted every reporter out of the Oval Office. This effectively prevented them from doing their job, while also sparing Joe the usual embarrassment he faces when he’s on camera or delivering a statement.

Another interview successfully avoided

Instead of taking questions from the press, Sleepy Joe simply thanked everyone present without even giving anyone a chance to interact with him or his guest. This is likely because he had no cue cards on hand to help him speak.

To make matters worse, both Biden and Frederiksen only smiled as they continued talking. They were ignoring dozens of questions the reporters were shouting at them, almost as if what the people want to know doesn’t even matter.

One of the reporters asked Biden about his opinion on Denmark and the country’s standing, to which the president only laughed and turned away, unphased by the question he probably didn’t write down the answer for.

This is only one of many instances when Joe can visibly be seen ridiculing and ignoring reporters. It’s likely not the last, as his presidential campaign is bound to be riddled with gaffes.

Biden doesn’t want you to know the truth

Last month, a similar thing happened when Biden met with the Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez. Reporters received nothing more than smirks from both of the parties involved, keeping everyone in the dark about what they were discussing.

Much like the meeting with Frederiksen, Biden dismissed the press before anyone could even get a question in. It’s suspected that it was due to a lack of answers to the pressing matter at the time, that being the expiration of  Title 42.

Biden is purposely ignoring reporters lately.

While it could be an attempt to kick off his campaign for 2024 to a good start, that goal is about as unattainable as they come, seeing as his approval rating has been in the ditch for a while now.

This has been a common thing with Joe.

Biden will make sure you see only what he wants you to see. The rest will be obscured either through left-leaning media or lack of coverage from non-biased media outlets.