Sleepy Joe’s Ratings Crash on All Fronts, 2024 Nomination Chances Wane

Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is seeing his popularity and approval ratings collapse on all fronts to record lows.

Joe Doing Much Worse Than Trump Was

The ratings of Multiple Crises Joe are crashing after the week of July 4.

There is bad news for the Biden administration in all major policy spheres – from the looming recession to the lingering goods shortages and sky-high gas prices to the illegal immigration border crisis, among others.

The impact of those developments has been further complicated by the exploding rifts within the Democrat Party and its supporters.

The picture has also been complicated by question marks over the continued communist Democratic propagating of transgenderism and wokeness, as many Marxists used July 4 in order to spew anti-American and anti-patriotic hate and propaganda.

Against this diverse backdrop, Sleepy Joe has seen, for the first time, his approval rating collapse to 30%, as per the daily tracking survey by Civiqs Poll, which polls registered voters.

The pollster found that while fewer than one-third of the American voters approve of Biden’s performance, nearly two-thirds, or 57%, view him with disapproval.

The Democratic president’s ratings are slumping in all age groups, including among the young demographic of voters aged 18-34, where his approval stands at a meager 21%.

Biden’s approval is down in 48 out of 50 states, the only exceptions being in Vermont and Hawaii.

His rating is down even among registered Democratic voters, sliding to 64%, and among African-Americans, where it is down to 56%.

The results from the latest Civiqs survey are abysmal for Biden when compared with the respective ratings of former President Donald Trump.

The lowest approval rating that Trump ever saw in the same survey was at 39% back in 2017. At the same time in his presidency, that is, approximately 1.5 years into his term, where Biden is right now, Trump’s approval stood at 44%.

Biden’s Reelection Prospects Getting Dimmer and Dimmer

The polling average of Real Clear Politics still shows Biden’s approval rate at 38% – but the aggregate in question includes poll results from numerous pollsters which are left-leaning. Even so, it is, too, an all-time low for Sleepy Joe.

Meanwhile, another poll – and one by a left-wing pollster – The New York Times and Siena College – found only 26% of Democrat voters think Joe Biden should be nominated for a second presidential term by their party.

At the same time, practically two-thirds of the Democrat electorate – 64% – would like to see another nominee for the 2024 presidential election on their behalf.

The NYT/Siena survey also found Biden’s approval rating to be standing at a record low of 33%.

To top it all off, just 13% of the respondents said they think America is presently on the right track in its development, which is extremely low, considering the pollster’s leftist bias.