Small Pox Vials Found Days After Bill Gates Warns of Small Pox Terror Attacks

Billionaire Bill Gates, in a new interview with Policy Exchange, has warned the world’s governments to start preparing for a smallpox terror attack. Gates stated governments all around the world should invest billions into research and development regarding bioterror attacks.

Gates mentioned a pandemic task force should be established by the WHO, which would then practice “germ games” and conduct surveillance. Yes, you read that correctly, Gates is advocating surveillance on people all over the world in the name of “stopping a pandemic”.

The germ game Gates was referring to is the idea of scientists creating a simulation where a pandemic does occur and they have to try to stop the spread of it.

The book of Proverbs says if you play with fire, you get burned. That’s what happened. Wuhan scientists were playing “germ games” with a deadly virus and unfortunately, the entire world got burned by it.

Small Pox Vials Found in Philadelphia

Just a couple of days after Gates made his announcement, CDC officials declared vials labeled “smallpox” were found inside of a freezer at a laboratory in Pennsylvania. They were observed after a worker was cleaning out a freezer and discovered the mysterious vials tucked away.

The CDC announced the discovery occurred at a vaccine research center; yet, strangely, they didn’t say where the vaccine research center was located. The complete lack of security and safety precautions have many experts believing what happened in Wuhan could happen here.

Smallpox has been in not many people’s conversations lately. However, it’s oddly strange Bill Gates talks about how countries should prevent a major smallpox outbreak by terrorists; then, in the same week, smallpox vials are found hidden in a vaccine research center’s freezer.

U.S. Purchases Small Pox Vaccines Days After Gates’ Interview

Here’s where the truth gets stranger than fiction. The US government, just days after Gates’ announcement, decided to buy $113 million worth of smallpox vaccines. The U.S. government purchased $113 million dollars worth of TPOXX, which raises the question of why.

Smallpox is supposed to be eradicated, but the U.S. government is preparing as if we will have a smallpox outbreak by Christmas. As of right now, only the U.S. and Russia are nations to have smallpox vaccines in storage facilities.

However, the CIA reported in 2002 that Iraq, North Korea, and France could all have vials of smallpox, too. If a COVID-19 outbreak tore the world apart, imagine if a smallpox outbreak was to occur.

There would be complete chaos and hysteria. This would ultimately lead to a biomedical state that would have complete control of its citizens. Oh, wait, that has already happened in Australia.

Let’s hope we don’t see COVID 2.0 happen in the weeks or months ahead.