Soros DAs Now Ignore Murders to Serve Agenda, Victim’s Family Reveals

Liberal US district attorneys elected on leftist billionaire George Soros’ dime have seemingly started to treat murder cases in terms of their political expediency to the far-left agenda.

This is indicated by the case of a man killed in Texas drug gang violence, with the victim’s family raising alarm over the actions of the local DA.

Soros’ Ugly Head Pops Up in Big Gang Violence Case

A case in hand appears to be the probe into the killing of a Texas man who died by accident in drug gang fire in June 2021, Fox News reported.

According to the relatives of Doug Kantor, an innocent bystander, the DA of Travis County, Texas, Jose Garza, put the murder investigation “on the back burner” for political reasons connected with the latter’s progressive agenda.

Garza was elected with funding from George Soros. According to the victim’s brother, Nick Kantor, the DA has been prioritizing investigations he might deem beneficial to his political goals.

In June 2021, 25-year-old Doug Kantor, a New York native and a Ford Motor Company employee in Michigan, was visiting Austin together with friends to celebrate his master’s degree.

Kantor was one of a total of 14 bystanders who got caught in the shootout of two rival teen drug gangs from Killeen, Texas, on June 12, 2021, in Austin’s Sixth Street, a busy nightlife hub.

To make the story of Doug Kantor’s needless murder even more heartbreaking, he had just bought a home and was about to marry his sweetheart from high school.

DA Might Be Trying to Let the Murderer Go

Almost two years later, the murder of Doug Kantor by drug gangsters remains on the “back burner,” his brother Nick told Fox News.

The “actual murderer” might very well walk out free if the case goes “in the wrong hands.” Nick Kantor believes it “very well may” end up there.

According to the report, woke DA Garza has redirected a number of prosecutors from Kantor’s case to other cases – including the probe into Army Sergeant Daniel Perry, who has been charged with murder after shooting a BLM rioter pointing a firearm at him.

Nick Kantor pointed out that Garza appointed an inexperienced prosecutor to the case of his brother’s death just as the trial was about to kick off.

Calling the move “reckless,” the victim’s brother recounted how he flew to Texas to meet the new prosecutor, only to find out that Garza himself was a no-show at the meeting.

His lawyer, Doug O’Connell, dwelled on the severity of Doug Kantor’s murder, stressing it involved a mass shooting over a drug gang war in the downtown of the city of Austin.

The attorney said he was surprised to witness how the DA removed the most experienced prosecutors from the case.

Nick Kantor pointed out further that the alleged killer of his brother, De’Ondre White, 19 at the time of the murder, hasn’t been “handled properly.”

He said the DA didn’t press charges against several other gang members who might have been forced to testify against White.

Kantor added Garza didn’t appear “interested” in achieving justice for his brother; the families of the other victims have made similar comments to Fox News.

The trial for Doug Kantor’s killing was set to start in March, but has now been postponed for May since Garza’s office didn’t even care to supply the defense team with the necessary papers in time.

Nick Kantor’s concern that the suspected murderer would walk free was supported by Dennis Farris, a retired Austin cop.

Farris said they “got the person,” and the case should have gone to trial a long time ago.

This led him to wonder whether the DA’s office is incompetent or whether Garza is trying to let the murderer go, due to the latter’s young age.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.