Sports Player Walks Back Criticism of Wokeness

In society today, there is very much the idea that wokeness has gone too far. Specifically, people are coming out in droves against things like critical race theory being put into school lesson plans and children being made to attend lewd drag shows at bars.

Various companies (such as Disney, Target, and Bud Light) that have waded into woke politics also continue finding themselves on the receiving ends of boycotts and other forms of public backlash.

Recently, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass came out, showing support for people who are fed up with the direction that companies like Bud Light and Target are going. However, Bass quickly walked this back within hours, according to Outkick.

Changing His Tune

Bass initially shared an Instagram post about why the boycotts of Target and Bud Light have biblical roots. However, after taking some heat for this, the sports player walked back his statements.

He next claimed in a video that the Instagram post he shared could be construed as harmful to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Bass would then go on to apologize for the post he put on Instagram before stating “everyone is welcome.”

Major Cringe

The Toronto Blue Jays didn’t waste time in making sure that Bass’ apology was shared on social media. However, there are many folks who believe Bass should have stuck by his guns, rather than backing down amid criticism.

Then, there were others who said the apology that Bass made on video almost appeared as though he was literally being held hostage against his will.

So far, it looks as though Bass will continue playing for the Toronto Blue Jays at his full capacity. Given Bass’ latest apology, the public shouldn’t expect to hear more criticism of wokeness or woke politics from him any time soon.

Nevertheless, the apology still comes as a disappointment to folks who agreed with the sports player’s initial take on the boycotts.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.