Stacey Abrams Blames Her Low Poll Numbers on the Black Community!

"Stacey Abrams" by Gage Skidmore

During a weekend interview with Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, she claimed the only reason she’s not showing any promise in the polls is the ignorance and gullibility of black men in the state.

Apparently, Abrams is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact she’s trailing incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp by almost 12 points in some polls. She may come up with several explanations as to why other Democratic candidates aren’t doing too well either.

“Stacey Abrams” by EMILY’s List

Abrams can’t and won’t accept her shortcomings

She went as far as stating that black men have been targeted with misinformation this year more than ever, once again reaching for the ole’ faithful Democratic narrative.

Making everything about race has been the number one thing Democratic candidates have fallen back to when things go south. While it may have worked at the peak of the woke era, it seems we’re entering a new age.

As expected, Abrams in no way clarified what she was referring to when making said claims about “misinformation” and instead continued pushing her baseless agenda in a sad attempt to salvage her campaign.

It was pointed out that if the current polling proves to be true, Abrams will have fallen from the pedestal she attained in 2018 when she earned 94% of the black vote; this year’s results are signaling she may end up getting barely 82%.

Jobs beat self-victimization. Who knew?

Unlike Abrams, her opponent, Brian Kemp, is actually reaching out to black men in the community, as noted by his appearance at the opening of the Hyundai electric vehicle plant.

This is just outside Savannah, which is the biggest economic development in Georgia’s history. Instead of making everything about race in order to appease the black community, Kemp focused on creating jobs in the state; it’s likely what caused the drop in Abrams’ support.

Kemp was the one to announce the project in May, which is set to create 8,000 job openings and have Hyundai investing over $5.5 billion in the state’s economy. Also, Kemp is stating he wishes to make Georgia the best place to work, live, and raise our families.

We’ve finally reached the point where BLM peddlers are losing power. Abrams’ defeat in tomorrow’s election is bound to start a domino effect across the country as the wave of red closes in on Tuesday.

With only one day on the clock, no amount of lies and false accusations can get the Democrats out of the situation they put themselves in; seeing as the president himself is choosing not to campaign alongside any Democratic candidates, things are definitely not looking up.

Once the GOP takes the majority of House seats, the White House will be next on the agenda; in two years time, or maybe even sooner, Biden will be on his way out.