Staffer of Philadelphia Council Member Charged with Voter Fraud

A South Philly former Judge of Elections is facing federal charges for allegedly participating in voter fraud. The current U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania filed federal election fraud charges against 67 year old Marie Beren.

Beren was allegedly taking part in an elaborate voter fraud scheme during 2015 to 2019. Before being charged, Marie Beren was also serving as a staffer for City Council Member Mark Squilla.

According to Philly Mag, Beren was involved with a person (who is only being identified as consultant #1) to commit voter fraud in local and federal elections. The prosecutor’s report alleges Beren casted fraudulent votes, advised people who to vote for, and told voters to vote on behalf of their family members who wouldn’t show up and vote in person.

More Details on the Voter Fraud

It’s also reported Beren falsified the voting books and wrote down people’s names who never showed up to vote. If you’re wondering which political party Beren belongs to, it probably doesn’t comes as a surprise she is a Democrat. The council member she worked for is also a Democrat.

In 2020, another Judge of Elections from the 39th district was also charged for committing election fraud and allegedly accepting bribes. The state of Pennsylvania was “won” by  Biden; yet, now that more and more Democrat officials in liberal-run cities are being busted for election fraud, it’s quite possible Pennsylvania could see an audit.

Who is Consultant #1?

In the prosecutor’s redacted documents, they only released Beren’s handler as consultant #1; yet, local journalist believe consultant #1 is none other than former Democrat Rep. Ozzie Meyers.

Meyers allegedly issued cash payments to election officers in the 39th district of Philadelphia and he even appointed Marie Beren as Judge of Election in the late 1980s.

Beren was reportedly backed by consultant #1 (disgraced politician Myers) and together, the two allegedly ran a voter fraud scheme by adding extra votes when needed.

Myers would offer political candidates a guarantee they would see electoral success; however, to grant those candidates electoral success, he had a list of people on payroll who tainted South Philly’s local and general elections for the last three decades.

So who is Ozzie Meyers? Well, his real name is Michael Myers and he was a Democrat representative for the state of Pennsylvania from 1976-1980. Myers was expelled for being involved in the Abscam scandal; this was a FBI sting which resulted in several representatives being convicted of accepting bribes from undercover FBI operatives.

Myers was charged again in 2020 for stuffing ballots boxes for several elections during 2014, 2015, and then 2016. It appears the Democrats are calling election fraud a conspiracy theory because if they repeat the lie long enough, they believe it will stick.

Americans aren’t falling for it. Well, at least some of us aren’t!