State Farm Peddles Non-binary Agenda Books to Young Kids

"NCDOT State Farm Safety Patrol" by NCDOTcommunications

The car insurance company State Farm recently entered the limelight.

A leaked e-mail showed its intent to donate books promoting transgenderism and non-binary ideas to kids ages five and above.

Namely, their agents were encouraged to pass on these books they receive as donations to their local schools and libraries by the end of April 2022.

Three books in question are on the topics of transgenderism, non-binary identity, and being inclusive, all aimed at kindergarteners and older children.

“State Farm Insurance Agent Office – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” by Tony Webster

LGBT community zeroes in on Florida’s children

The company claims the project aims to increase representation of LGBTQ books in public and private libraries, as well as awareness of the community via challenging, empowering conversations with the nation’s youngest.

However, the company has since redacted a couple of important details from the uncovered e-mails.

It stated the agents weren’t being asked to share the books in question with schools, according to further investigation by the Washington Examiner.

The initial e-mail leak was made by agents who were concerned with this shady peddling of LGBT propaganda to children, which prompted Consumers’ Research to launch the investigation.

As it stands, State Farm is apparently partnering with GenderCool Project in their attempts to spread the gender identity trend across America.

This is under the guise of “helping diversify classroom, library, and community center library shelves” with books that go into detail regarding the complex idea that there are thousands of genders out there, instead of two.

Twitter hailstorm commences

While the leaked e-mails were from the Florida branch of the company, it seems the operation is nationwide.

Some 550 State Farm agents have been assigned the task to donate these books to their local schools or libraries.

Thankfully, their efforts to proliferate these books in Florida’s classrooms have been thwarted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill.

This prohibits classroom instruction on the topics of sexual orientation or gender identity up to third grade.

Under this law, the aforementioned books are illegal property in primary school classrooms and kindergartens; they will be removed if found on the premises.

Naturally, the leaks caused a storm on Twitter, leading many users to declare they will be changing their homeowner and car insurance policies, claiming State Farm is run by “a bunch of groomer freaks.”

A slew of other tweets, most of them very mean-spirited, was launched at the company.

State Farm fought back with claims their only intention was to spread kindness and respect, but that seems quite farfetched when you’re trying to push sexuality on kindergarteners.

Other users pointed out how the company turned into a propaganda machine that pushes left-wing politics onto American children.