Taliban Holds Parade With U.S. Military Weapons

Videos have surfaced on Twitter that show Taliban special forces parading in the streets in the city of Qalat, Afghanistan. The parade consisted of the Taliban dressed in all white and wearing bulletproof vests, along with holding American assault rifles. The city of Qalat was taken over by the Taliban on August 13th.

Taliban Holds Parade With U.S. Military Weapons

A recent report by Reuters tallied up all the weaponry that was abounded; they wrote in their report that over 2,000 Humvees, 40 aircraft carriers such as Blackhawks, several drones and countless of assault rifles were captured.

The weapons are being held by the Taliban as victory trophies; pro-Taliban Twitter accounts are touting that they had victory of the British Empire, the Soviet Union and now the United States.

While General Mark Milley was arguing with members of Congress about the significance of critical race theory and the importance of controlling “white rage”, the Taliban was seizing weapons from the Afghan army like it was nothing.

How Much Did the United States Spend on Weapons in Afghanistan?

In total, the United States has spent close to $83 million dollars to arm the Afghan National army; now the majority of those weapons bought with taxpayer money are being used by the Taliban. The Taliban previously had outdated equipment and solely used AK-47s.

However, thanks to the United States, the Taliban now has access to helicopters, over 16,000 pairs of night vision goggles, close to 600,000 M-16s and armored vehicles. These are major upgrades, considering the Taliban usually rode in just Toyota pickups.

Not everything was taken away, though; close to 50 aircrafts were able to escape the country, due to the fact Afghan pilots used them to seek refuge, instead of using them to defend their country. Many people are wondering why the Afghan army never even fired a shot, but a training video of the Afghan army shows a clear picture of why they ran.

Take a look:

The Afghan Army Was Never Ready To Fight

A documentary by Time Magazine and Vice went into great details on the conditions of the Afghan army. Many of the fighters didn’t even know simple gun safety protocols, such as don’t fire your gun unless you have a target. Others would constantly get high off opium and hash during firing exchanges against the Taliban.

It’s even reported that some of the Afghan commanders were pedophiles and would sexually assault young boys. Most of the fighters were only part of the army to receive a paycheck; the biggest mistake the Pentagon says they made is to ask the soldiers if they are willing to die for the Afghan government.

As we see today, they obviously weren’t. If you would like to find out how trained the Afghan troops really were, check out this documentary below. It completely exposes the lie in which Biden claimed that the Afghan army was well trained.