Taliban Paints Mural of Their Flag Outside of U.S. Embassy In Kabul

The United States Embassy in Kabul has now been officially taken over by the Taliban. Photos have just surfaced that reveal the Taliban painted a mural of their flag on the U.S. Embassy’s guard wall.

The painting of the flag has a white backdrop with an Islamic statement of faith. The U.S. Embassy cost close to $1 billion U.S. tax dollars; however, due to the Biden administration’s horrendous troop withdrawal, this embassy is now being used by the Taliban.

The move by the Taliban is just another case of the Taliban mocking the United States. Embassies are usually considered property of the country that has ownership of them.

Therefore, any destruction caused to them from outsiders usually has severe consequences. Still, being the United States is under weak leadership, the Taliban is doing whatever they want with our helicopters, guns, tanks, uniforms and even our embassy.

Trump Foretold This Would Happen

On August 15th, personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul took down the American flag as they evacuated. Shortly after the U.S. flag was taken down, President Trump released a statement.

Trump’s statement warned that it will be a sad day when the Taliban raises their flag above the U.S. Embassy. Well, it looks as if his prediction became partly true; although there isn’t a flag directly over the U.S. Embassy, there is a flag painted on the outer wall of the embassy.

As September 11th draws near, it’s a sad sight to see the United States’ diplomatic presence completely withdrawn from Afghanistan. Originally, the Biden administration was going to withdraw the last troops on September 11th.

Then, Biden was supposed to be celebrated as the president who ended the Afghanistan war, but as we all see now, his plan was a complete disaster.

The Taliban Invited China, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Qatar, and Pakistan for Ceremony

Now that the Taliban has completely taken over the country of Afghanistan and forced resistance fighters into hiding, they’ve formally invited representatives from China, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and Pakistan to attend their government formation ceremony.

The invites give the world a sneak peek of what Afghanistan’s foreign policy will look like now that the United States is no longer in the picture. Since China has a foothold in Afghanistan, expect Beijing to be heavily involved in exporting natural resources from the country.

Russia will also more than likely be eager to broker arms deals with the Taliban, now that they are in full control of Afghanistan. Although it looks as if the Taliban has fully completely taken over Afghanistan, there is a sliver of hope offered; protestors have recently taken to the street to oppose the Taliban.

Biden, meanwhile, has no clear plan to evacuate Americans and U.S. allies trapped in the now hostile Afghanistan.