Teddy Roosevelt Statue Taken Down

The radical left is attempting to rewrite history and replace it with their woke propaganda.

At 1:00 AM in the morning, a construction crew outside of the American Museum of Natural History in New York was ordered to take down a statue of President Theodore Roosevelt.

The statue of the American hero was deemed controversial and therefore forced to be taken down; it will now make its new home in North Dakota.

The reason why it was taken down is several activists claimed the statue creates a “racial hierarchy” that is extremely offensive. Activists also claim Roosevelt’s viewpoints on race had a big part of the statue being torn down too.

What Did The Statue Look Like?

Roosevelt’s statue depicted himself riding on a horse looking forward and right beside him are a Native American and an African American.

The name of the statue was called Equestrian Statue of President Theodore Roosevelt. It has been outside of the Natural Museum for over 80 years. It was also set there because Roosevelt’s father was one of the founders of the Natural Museum.

Americans have Roosevelt to thank that some of the United States’ most beautiful places have been turned into parks, instead of housing developments. President Roosevelt established 150 National forests, five national parks, and hundreds of other conservation projects.

Roosevelt Isn’t the Only Statue to Come Down in Recent Years

Last year, city council members in Charlottesville held an emergency meeting and voted to get rid of a Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea statue that was placed in the downtown area.

Critics of the statue claimed it was racist because it depicted Lewis & Clark standing up, but Sacagawea squatting down. Defenders of the statue however say Sacagawea was crouched down because she was tracking animals.

Trump Foretold This Would Happen

Trump, in the early days of his presidency, stated statues in public parks should not be vandalized or taken down.

His comments came at a time when General Robert E. Lee statues were being ripped down and defaced. Trump stated first, Lee will be taken down, but the left won’t stop there; then, Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, and even Jesus statues will be all taken down.

Trump wasn’t wrong. The city of Boston in 2021 removed a statue of President Abraham Lincoln in front of an art gallery because activists claimed Lincoln was “racist” towards Native Americans.

Just as Trump predicted, Jackson, Mississippi removed a statue of President Andrew Jackson outside of Jackson’s city hall. The reason behind his removal was him condoning the trail of tears and owning slaves.

These figures aren’t just being ripped from parks and city halls, but also from history books. Before every communist took over, the regime leaders would always change their country’s history and replace it with propaganda.