Tensions Rise: Democrats Are Gearing Up For a Lawsuit Against the Trump Administration


With each passing day, something new, eventful, and shocking happens in this world. There is virtually no exception to this rule, particularly when it comes to American politics. As of late, Americans learned that Democrats are making new moves to take legal action against President Trump’s administration, according to Townhall.

A Closer Look at Potential Lawsuits against the Trump Administration

In essence, the moves to bring lawsuits against the Trump administration are merely strategic attempts to block the funding and creation of the president’s promised Southern border wall. As Democrats continue to stall, stonewall, and put forth useless legislation which they know will be unsuccessful, the government shutdown has officially reached Day 21. Many federal employees are furloughed and/or mandated to continue performing services, even without pay; this has prompted what many people can view as understandable outrage, but nevertheless, building the wall is absolutely paramount.

By their own admission, Democrats are plotting to take on the current administration in the courts and of course, they’re going to continue to go for impeachment. House Democrat Pete Aguilar provided very specific details of his party’s plans for President Trump:

“We’ll challenge him in committee hearings. We’ll challenge him in the courts. And we’ll just continue to challenge him and push back because that’s not the way this should be handled.”

“That’s not the way this should be handled.” That’s quite an interesting take.

Quite frankly, Aguilar might be shocked to learn just how many Americans disagree with him.

What it All Boils Down to

The lawsuits and legal actions which Democrats plan to take against the Trump administration are not merited and will not stand. By Aguilar’s own indirect admission, these sad attempts are simply being employed in order to “resist” the president. Democrats don’t genuinely believe that Trump is breaking the law or overstepping bounds; they just don’t want illegal immigration to come to an end.

They definitely don’t want President Trump to succeed and get the wall built. This is due to the critical role which the promised wall played in Trump’s 2016 campaign.


What do you think? Is the wall a paramount feature to combat illegal immigration or is it “not the way this should be handled?” Let us know in the comments section below!