Texas Governor BANS Vaccine Mandates By Any Entity

Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn’t just laying down and allowing the Biden administration to trample all over Texas. Instead, he has just signed an executive order that bans any entity from issuing a vaccine mandate.

The executive order states no entity in Texas can ask for proof of a COVID-19 vaccination and this includes all employers and businesses.

According to the Texas Tribune, Governor Abbott then decreed the vaccine should never be forced; residents of Texas should get vaccinated by their own will, instead of the government forcing them to do so.

Vaccine mandates by schools and governmental agencies were already banned, but some Democrats are trying to fight Abbott’s executive order’s in court.

Texas Isn’t the Only State to Stand Up Against Vaccine Mandates

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has also already banned all entities from asking for COVID-19 proof or vaccine passports. However, Florida’s ban only makes it illegal for businesses, education facilities, government agencies, and others to ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Florida’s mandate still makes it legal for businesses to require their employees to be vaccinated; however, they have to rely on the honor system and cannot require their employees or consumers show proof of their vaccination status.

Some big corporations, however, are completely ignoring DeSantis’ ban on vaccine passports. Large corporations (such as AT&T, Disney, and Starbucks) are all requiring their employees to show proof of their vaccination status. Those same companies are requiring consumers to show proof of their vaccination status too.

As of right now, any business or person who violates DeSantis’ vaccine passport ban is subject to a $5,000 fine for each individual asked to show proof of their vaccination status.

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Will Cripple OSHA

Last month, Biden issued a vaccine mandate that requires businesses with over 100 employees to be vaccinated. Instead of the federal government taking charge of enforcing the vaccine mandates, the Biden administration is using OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to enforce and regulate companies in violation of the new vaccine mandate.

Biden’s plan will completely crumble, due to the fact OSHA only has a little over 800  inspectors on staff. This means enforcing Biden’s new mandate will be nearly impossible.

An OSHA spokesperson said they are completely understaffed; even if they hire new inspectors, it will still take time, due to the fact all new employees most go under vigorous training.

America was once the land of the free, but now the United States federal government is using corporations and administrative agencies to strip away Americans’ freedoms.

When people talk about “draining the swamp,” the first people who must be taken out are the unelected leaders pulling the strings of administrative agencies and the major corporations that fund them.