The BLM Fraud | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 515


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Black Lives Matter is a far left political group with far left political goals. It is not concerned at all with preserving black life. Also Five Headlines including mentally unbalanced college students saying they are too traumatized to return to school because someone tweeted a joke about George Floyd. And some Jimmy John’s employees were fired for making a “racist” video. The only problem is that there is nothing racist in the video at all.

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00:00 – Opening
02:18 – The BLM Fraud
22:57 – College students don’t feel safe after Twitter joke
30:25 – Disney hires a quarterback to help make entertainment programs
31:35 – Man (unsurprisingly) hospitalized after licking a venomous snake
32:25 – Halle Berry Apologizes, Backs Out Of Transgender Role After Backlash
33:12 – New York hospitals released more than 6300 covid patients into nursing homes
35:21 – People who maliciously share out of context videos are cancelled

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