The Declaration of Independence is Racist, According To NPR

On Independence Day, you would expect to see the mainstream media put out stories that are patriotic but instead, they pushed anti-American propaganda this July 4th weekend.

Over the last 32 years, National Public Radio (NPR) has read the Declaration of Independence live on-air to celebrate Independence Day. This year, they continued the tradition, but provided extra commentary claiming that the Declaration of Independence is a racist piece of American history.

On their Twitter account, NPR posted the entire Declaration of Independence too; they then warned readers in the editor’s note that there was racist content involved in the historical document.

Here’s Why NPR Believes the Declaration of Independence is Racist

In NPR’s latest article they declared that the Founding Fathers did write “all men were created equal” but then, NPR stated that slaves, women, and indigenous people were not treated equally at the time.

NPR went on to say that the Declaration of Independence used a racial slur too. The passage they were referring to was the part of the document where the writers declared King George the III has brought “merciless Indian savages” on their frontier.

A Washington Post Writer Declared the Statue Of Liberty is a Symbol of Hypocrisy

A writer for the Washing Post recently wrote that he believes the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of unfilled promises and hypocrisy. Phillip Kennicott stated that the statue doesn’t represent liberty, but rather the misuses of liberty instead.

He then argued his point by stating that the statue was not relevant to non-white Americans, due to the fact that no representation of the statue was in the Chicago Art Museum.

Users on Twitter totally disagreed with the woke writer and declared that most of the tourists who visit the Statue of Liberty are from all over the world.

Many immigrants who came on ships to Ellis Island were in awe as they saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time. Most of them escaped extremely difficult situations in their home countries; when their eyes got a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty for the first time in their lives, they finally felt free at last.

Nevertheless, it appears that white liberals will continue to bash our nation’s history and monuments so they can replace them with their communist heroes.

Liberals Push for the 1619 Project in School

The far-left leaning New York Times, in recent years, pushed and funded the 1619 project.

The 1619 Project aims to declare that the birth of America isn’t July 4th, 1776, but rather the birth of America is in the year 1619; this claim is made due to the fact a group of 20 Africans arrived in Virginia and are thought to be the first enslaved Africans in America.

The 1619 project just doesn’t try to change the birth year of America, but rather the motive for colonists to declare independence from Great Britain too.

According to the 1619 project, the American Revolution was birthed due to the fact that colonists (who were slave owners) wanted to keep their slaves, but the British were looking to abolish slavery. This is a total lie.

So essentially, the 1619 Project paints a picture where the British Empire were the good guys and the colonists were just racist. The project is a sickening piece of propaganda; it aims to brainwash American children to think that our nation is inherently racist and that we must feel guilty for our country, instead of proud.