The Dems Take Issue with Black Male Voters

Recent investigations into the Democrats’ affairs found that they seem to only be engaging with black voters when they can make use of them, without ever actually delivering on the issues they promised they’d focus on.

In an attempt to salvage the left’s image, Vice President Kamala Harris met with several civil rights organizers last week to gain some insight into what the Biden administration can do to uplift young men of color.

Though what about other young men in America?

The real bigots just revealed themselves

The continued marginalization of young white men is concerning, to say the least. The White House seems dead set on helping none other than members of the black community overcome society’s stigmas.

Those who attended the discussion claim the conversation continued for hours even after Harris had left; many believe that the White House will improve the way they interact with young men of color.

Dominik Whitehead, the national vice president of the NAACP, claims the meeting’s purpose was to get the White House to start listening to their demands; although it’s safe to say that their past engagement has shown they’re not too keen on delivering.

According to him, Kamala stated she’d take back everything she’d heard to the White House and figure out what the game plan is, which doesn’t exactly sound promising.

The left continues their divisive agenda

The meeting came right as Biden was preparing to deliver his State of the Union address, which is expected to include an announcement for his reelection.

However, a large number of black voters felt that the Democrat Party abandoned them during this election cycle; it’s hard not to notice, considering the left continues focusing on climate change, instead of dealing with other, more pressing matters.

Compared to black men, black women vote Democratic much more commonly and in the 2020 election, almost 95% of black women voted for Biden.

In comparison, only 87% of black men did the same; those numbers have plummeted in recent times as Biden showed his full potential, or lack thereof, as president.

While both Biden and Harris have made promises to empower black men in America, they’ve only managed to deliver on a handful of them. For example, the minimum wage increase legislation is still waiting in Congress.

On the other hand, the law regarding gun violence that Congress passed last summer did push for additional mental health treatment provisions.

On top of this, Biden made another promise to direct some extra funds to minority-owned businesses, which is yet another demonstration of bias against the white community.

Small businesses deserve support, regardless of their ownership, and the left’s divisive agenda is only going to keep on tearing this country apart.