The Fantastic Stupidity Of The American Media | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 448


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, some are claiming that Trump’s plan to send stimulus checks to Americans is “socialism” or “welfare.” It is neither of those things. I’ll explain why. Also, the media has performed shamefully and stupidly during this crisis. This raises the question: in the Age of Disinformation, how can we know who to trust? Also, Five Headlines including the cringiest cringe-fest of a video you’ll ever see. And in today’s Daily Cancellation, I am, with great trepidation, canceling my wife. I’ll explain why.

Last show about coronavirus for a while – 03:57
White House announces plan to send stimulus payments – 05:10
These stimulus payments are not welfare or socialism – 12:36
Is it racist to call it the “China Virus?” – 14:32
New Orleans Mayor Issues Coronavirus Order Allowing Ban on Sale, Transportation of Firearms – 29:56
Baltimore Mayor: Stop Shooting Each Other. We Need The Hospital Beds. – 31:31
ICE to stop most immigration enforcement inside U.S., will focus on criminals during coronavirus outbreak – 32:47
Lizzo Suggests China-Owned TikTok Censoring Her Bathing Suit Twerking Videos Because She’s Fat – 33:21
Celebrities sing ‘Imagine’ ­- 33:58
Mrs. Walsh is canceled – 40:39

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