The Federal Government Comes Full Circle and Admits Banning Assault Weapons Did Nothing

It’s completely natural for us humans to have a strong reaction to tragic events.

Just as we reacted to 9-11 and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Tulsa had many wondering what needs to change.

Unfortunately, the federal government decided to act long before the root cause of the issue was pinned down; instead of teaching people how to responsibly handle weapons, they decided to take them away.

Assault weapons ban proves ineffective, to no one’s surprise

In fact, these shootings were so damaging that the concerns carried over into Canada, where PM Justin Trudeau introduced legislation banning the sales and ownership of handguns in the entire country.

While Canadians don’t exactly hold their weapons as dearly as we do, the response was alarming; what followed was the biggest surge in gun purchases the country has ever seen, much to Trudeau’s dismay.

Over here, things are bound to get much more heated, considering Vice President Harris decided to step forth with the proposition to ban all assault weapons as a means of preventing any future carnage.

What Joe and Kamala don’t understand is that guns don’t kill people, other people do. In an age where the police are completely powerless, one needs access to a means of defending themselves and their loved ones.

Déjà vu

One thing to note is the US already experienced a ban like this once before, which lasted for ten years and only lead to gun owners purchasing other weapons instead.

It’s safe to say the ban was as ineffective as they come. Crime rates surged like never before; although the left tried to spin it by showing you the declining numbers of assault weapons-related deaths.

Oftentimes you’ll hear them claiming the “world didn’t end”, but things are different now. With crime rates at an all-time high, it’s only natural for someone to want access to an assault weapon, even if they’ll never fire a single bullet from it for the rest of their life.

Of course, the White House probably can’t get enough votes to even pass legislation that would ban semi-auto weapons; although it’s not impossible in this neverending era of woke.

Guns keep getting labeled as the main issue, instead of trying to provide proper gun handling and safety training to those looking to get one.