The Left Blamed Abbott and Failed Miserably!

"Subway Safety" by Metropolitan Transportation Authority

In less than half a year, more than 13,000 illegal immigrants flooded into New York City, putting immense pressure on the city’s homeless shelter system, thereby prompting the “woke” left to blame it all on Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

However, information released by Abbott’s office showed they’d sent a maximum of 2,700 migrants to the city since the operation initially started on August 5th. This means only one in five of the migrants in NYC is there because of him.

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams Hosts Inaugural Black History Month Event” by nycmayorsoffice

NYC immigrant numbers continue to grow as leftists put blame on Abbott

These numbers disprove NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ claims that Abbott and other Republican border officials are to blame for the immigrant crisis, even though the real solution would be to call on Biden to redact his open border policies.

On the other hand, though, the 2,700 immigrants sent by Abbott is a number that easily pales in comparison, if you look at the 4,200 sent to NYC by Democrat El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser. This accounts for more than 31% of the city’s total at the time of writing.

Monday this week, the New York city hall updated the number of illegal aliens in the city, all of which were situated in taxpayer-funded housing. This left Mayor Adams no choice but to declare the shelter system had been stretched thin.

According to one of Adams’ spokespersons, New York was forced to open 39 additional emergency shelters for the large number of immigrants flowing into the city; although the mayor has been caught lying about these numbers previously.

Adams’ hypocrisy regarding New York

During a press conference earlier this week, Abbott’s press secretary, Renae Eze, tore into Adams and his handling of the situation in New York.

She called him a hypocrite and reminded him it was only last year when the Biden administration sent several planes of immigrant children to an airport north of NYC.

Eze added the NYC mayor is complaining about a few busloads of migrants being sent into his self-proclaimed “sanctuary city”, but he wouldn’t budge when Biden sent at least twice as many under the cover of the night a year ago.

Moreover, it just seems counterintuitive to complain about 2,700 people in a multi-million city, instead of demanding the root cause of the issue, that being the open border policies, be removed.

Unfortunately, neither of these “sanctuary cities” will actually take the time to criticize Biden or the Democrat Party for the border crisis we’re currently experiencing. They’d rather shift the blame on Republican officials trying to lighten the load in their own communities.

Both Adams and Lightfoot would just rather take the easy way out and ask for more funding in a situation like this when our economy is practically underwater.

The only way to stop the influx of illegal aliens into major cities is to tackle the issue at its core. That can only be done by reinstating the border, a no-brainer move Democrats continue refusing.