The Left Can’t Lose | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 590


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Top Democrats strategize on stealing the election, Rep. John Lewis’s funeral highlights political double standards, and AOC attacks a saint.

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00:00 – Clyburn: Trump Like Hitler, Mussolini
02:19 – Viewer Comment
03:07 – NYT: War Games, Dems Not Conceding Election
06:11 – John Lewis: Trump Not Legitimate President
10:39 – Bush John Lewis Eulogy
12:07 – John Lewis Funeral
16:43 – The Left Has To Win
19:56 – AOC on St. Damien
24:11 – BLM Guy Has Had It
30:43 – Grijalva, Lena Get COVID, Blame GOP
34:40 – Kashkari: Hard Lockdown
37:51 – Planned parenthood Arizona
39:50 – Minneapolis PD: Do As Criminals Say
41:31 – Portland Bible Burn

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