The Left Goes All In For Reparations | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 513


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Today on The Matt Walsh Show, the left is now pushing hard for reparations. We’ll talk about all the reasons why it’s a terrible idea. Also Five Headlines including Tucker Carlson’s urgent warning to the president. And in our Daily Cancellation, I will be preemptively canceling the song Imagine, before it becomes the new national anthem, God help us.

00:00 – Opening
01:54 – The Left Goes All In For Reparations
18:22 – Donald Trump is floundering
26:51 – Mt. Rushmore eyed for removal by activists
28:08 – Swimmers have a close encounter of the shark kind
29:19 – After 30 years the Dixie Chicks discover their name is offensive
31:17 – Criminal gets out of jail, shoots 7 year old hours later
35:08 – One of the worst songs in history (Imagine) is cancelled

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