The Left is Working Overtime to Cover Up Biden’s Classified Document Fiasco

After it was revealed Biden was storing classified documents in two separate locations, his supporters began spreading the word that they were planted there by his opponents.

One of these blatant liars is Rep. Hank Johnson, the man who previously claimed the population of the Guam territory is going to cause the island to sink.

He is now claiming the papers found at Biden’s Delaware office and Wilmington home were purposely put there to ruin his reputation.

Johnson claims documents were planted in Biden’s garage

However, one could argue there wasn’t much of a reputation to ruin; the president’s approval rating was hitting record lows before and after the midterm elections, with only minor spikes when the Democrats had their hopes up.

According to his claims, he’s extremely suspicious of the fact that Biden’s lawyers so conveniently found the documents at the two locations, even though Biden himself agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

He then went on to suggest the idea of an unprecedented break-in at both Biden’s home and office was designed solely to embarrass Biden and his administration.

However, they did the majority of that work on their own; just about every bill that they passed would go on to be ridiculed for months on end.

The infamous Inflation Reduction Act alone had us dragging the Biden admin for months, as it’s likely not going to help with the inflation at all. It will only make matters worse short-term.

Guam capsizes like the Titanic, in Johnson’s dreams at least

Johnson is no stranger to wild claims though. It was nearly 12 years ago when he asked currently retired Admiral Robert Willard whether a case of overpopulation on Guam island would cause it to sink.

If Hank is to be trusted, then every island with a greater population would capsize and sink just as easily as Guam in his imagination does. Four years back, he compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler while speaking to the NAACP.

He alluded to the idea of Trump’s message to the people of Charlottesville being akin to the infamous dictator’s speeches, adding it was a message of approval to the “far-right racists” in the US.

However, despite his claims of there being foul play regarding the found documents, he still decided to applaud Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint Robert Hur as special counsel for the case.

Likely convinced the investigation would turn up empty, he said it’s refreshing of the Justice Department to move on from the politicization it had employed during the Trump era.

Even though there’s a clear difference between the Trump and Biden classified document cases, the recent development is sure to do a number on Biden’s standing and approval rating; as long as it does, that’s all we need to know.