The M-Word | The Michael Knowles Show Ep. 567


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Lots of people get accused of saying the “n-word,” but only some get punished for it. A prominent BLM activist calls for vandalism of churches. And AOC steps in a racial minefield.

0:00 – Macy’s n-word
1:44 – Comment Question
3:55 – White Marxist calls black guy n-word
6:14 – Jimmy Kimmel ’n’ word
11:01 – Shaun King call to tear down churches
16:04 Violence in CHOP/CHAZ
19:09 – BLM founder: the goal is to get Trump out
23:00 – College Dems support defunding the police
25:00 – Defenders of BLM say Marxism just means to confront race problem
32:40 – Hispanic Republican demands Reparations from white liberal
34:40 – CHAZ institutes segregation
37:42 – AOC “Latinos are black”
41:29 – Trump endorsed AOC

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