The New, Non-binary Power Ranger: Death Ranger!

"Power Rangers Cosplay" by Iain

In a press conference earlier this week, Bleeding Cool released some never-before-seen art for the latest Power Ranger comic.

It was centered around a new character known as the Death Ranger. While the news was enough to bring excitement to any fan of the series, they went out of their way to once again pander to the LGBT community.

In an attempt to make the main character as “edgy” as possible, the Death Ranger is depicted as the traitor who turned on their kin a near millennia ago, tempted by the power of the Rangers’ greatest foe.

“Power Rangers Cosplay” by Iain

The woke crowd goes wild over a fictional character

Naturally, this left the geeks in awe.

However, after a few occasions where Paul Allor mistakenly misgendered the character, he decided to ride the publicity wave that non-binary characters usually create.

He claimed the new character is a member of the LGBT community and “they’re” devastatingly attractive. In the wake of these claims, Twitter was taken over by Power Rangers fans.

Fans were split between those who felt “empowered” by this seemingly pointless representation and those who were aware the move was nothing more than an act of pandering.

Following the reveal that the Ranger’s pronouns were they/them, delusional Twitter users voiced their opinions on the nonbinary character. They also did their best to sexualize the character right from the start.

Of course, this isn’t the first case of a Power Ranger being nonbinary. Twitter netizens like @renlythewriter have expressed their amazement with there now being a counterpart to Orisonth, the original trans-inclusive character from the series.

Left-leaning crowd promotes tokenism in media

What’s baffling though, is the fact these fans apparently can’t connect with a character unless they’re exhibiting all of their traits, both physical and psychological.

Soon enough, we’ll likely have pedophile superheroes.

Back when the transgender community didn’t have that much pull on mainstream media, entertainment forms had actual diversity.

Now, it’s boiled down to the production checking ethnicity boxes as they’re doing the casting for the show in order to attain maximum approval.

Synthetic diversity effectively changes nothing. It only further establishes the whole token character trope.

This is even further denoted by the LGBT and black communities’ response to the Northman movie, a picture about Viking history that the two dared to call “whitewashed”.

Getting hyped over a new release in a comic book is nothing new.

Fans have been doing it for decades, but back then, everyone was excited about a character’s powers or cool background story, rather than what people refer to them as when they’re not in the room.

Gender pronouns and “diversity“ have become an incurable plague in modern media.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice a good portion of your roster to make sure you’ve got all your inclusivity boxes checked, chances are your piece of media will provoke a Twitter hailstorm only to later be cancelled.