The Protesters Are Drunk On Their Own Sense Of Entitlement | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 529


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a generation of spoiled entitled brats have decided that they’re actually oppressed, and that’s why we’ve seen this chaos in our streets for the past two months. But normal law abiding Americans are finally getting sick of it and responding in kind. It’s only going to get uglier from here. Also Five Headlines including confirmation that space aliens exist and they have visited Earth. And somehow no one cares. And in our Daily Cancellation we cancel Netflix for pushing the harmful, insane myth of “transgender children.”

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00:00 – Opening
01:38 – The Protesters Are Drunk On Their Own Sense Of Entitlement
19:43 – Government talks about aliens…no one seems to notice
24:02 – Joe Rogan says video games are a waste of time, gamers should study Jiu-Jitsu
28:35 – WNBA players stage a walkout as national anthem is played
30:06 – New Zealand touted for its successful CV response…but an important fact was left out
32:27 – Funerals for me, none for thee
35:57 – Netflix is cancelled

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