The “Racist Police” Narrative Is False | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 495


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, we are told that racist cops are out hunting and killing black people. But is this narrative true? Is there any actual evidence for it? Today we will look at the evidence and see where it points. Also Five Headlines, including a CNN “journalist” going to desperate extremes to justify rioting and looting. And in our Daily Cancellation, I cancel the FBI. I’ll explain why.

00:00 Opening
02:19 The “Racist Police” Narrative Is False
20:29 Trump’s speech & photo op offends the left
23:20 Viral clip altered to incriminate police officer
26:12 Teen Vogue promotes Antifa
27:21 Activism (poorly) disguised as journalism
34:24 Is this heartwarming or groveling?
37:50 The FBI is canceled

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