The Rioters Aren’t “Protesters.” They’re Violent, Nihilistic, Scumbags | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 494


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the country is in flames. Many in the media and on the Left have insisted that we must sympathize with the people setting the fires. But the attempt to justify and romanticize looting and arson is morally deranged. I will speak some plain truths about the issue today. Also Five Headlines including celebrities helping to fund and support the destruction of poor minority neighborhoods. Finally, I thought it was dangerous to protest during a pandemic? Isn’t that what the media spent three months insisting? What happened to all of that?

01:25 – The Rioters Aren’t “Protesters.” They’re Violent, Nihilistic, Scumbags
22:56 – Dozens of Secret Service agents injured by protesters
24:42 – Celebrities donate to pay for protester’s bail
26:32 – Nun’s bookstore looted
27:05 – Minority-owned business destroyed by looters
28:46 – Man sets himself on fire during riot
31:44 – COVID-19 alarmists are cancelled
37:34 – Where do we go from here?

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