The Rubin Report: Best of 2017!


Taking a look back at 12 of our favorite moments on The Rubin Report in 2017. Jump to each episode in the links below!
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1. 0:16 – Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
2. 1:23 – Richard Dawkins:
3. 2:23 – Jordan Peterson:
4. 2:47 – Philip DeFranco:
5. 3:38 – Bret Weinstein:
6. 4:38 – Eric Weinstein:
7. 5:31 – Larry Elder:
8. 6:52 – Dennis Prager & Michael Shermer:
9. 7:50 – Douglas Murray:
10. 9:57 – Clay Travis:
11. 11:18 – Lubna Ahmed:
12. 12:34 – Brigitte Gabriel:

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