The Spy Balloon May Have Actually Been An Accident

Ever since the Chinese spy balloon was knocked out of our airspace, there’s been little talk
regarding the implications of a spy device flying high over the US mainland.

However, US officials have now begun to doubt the idea that the ballon was deliberately maneuvered across our nation, but rather, it may have been blown here by severe weather conditions in the Pacific Ocean.

Better Safe Than Sorry

At first, its trajectory made it seem as if it was headed for Guam, where it would perform
surveillance of US military bases on the island. Instead, it crossed into Canada, only to re-enter the US in Idaho.

This trajectory wasn’t expected and it’s partially why US intelligence no longer believes the device was maneuvered by Beijing.

Despite there being conclusive evidence that the balloon was flown away from its original path, it’s been found that Beijing did retain some maneuverability of the balloon. It’s now believed they managed to take advantage of the balloon’s position over Montana.

Ultimately, it was shot down by fighter jets off the coast of South Carolina. Although it might not be the last balloon we deal with this year; there’s an entire fleet of them that US intelligence is tracking through specially designed software.

While it’s still unclear whether the path was intentional or not, any further information on the matter may ease or further escalate the tensions between Washington and Beijing; so, it’s best to tread carefully from here on out.

A sudden change of opinions

Even though it may have been harmless, it’s safe to say the balloon posed a number of risks. This is part of why the Secretary of State postponed his trip to Beijing, as the incident was highly unacceptable.

Blinken stated the mere presence of the balloon in US airspace was a violation of our country’s sovereignty. Also, if the balloon proves to have been intentionally made for spying over the US, it’d be detrimental to the discussions between the two countries.

Both Blinken and Wang will be attending the Security Conference in Munich this
weekend; while a meeting between the two isn’t scheduled, it’s currently not out of the

It’s still unclear what made US intelligence officials change their minds regarding the balloon’s trajectory; they’re currently trying to determine which element of the Chinese government approved the mission.

China’s Foreign Ministry spoke up on the matter, assuring the balloon’s path was accidental and they’ll continue communication with the US in order to resolve the incident peacefully.

When asked about the balloon’s purpose, Pentagon’s press secretary Pat Ryder refused to comment on the developing situation, only saying he’s not allowed to go into any specific intelligence the agency may have procured at the time