The United States Of America No Longer Exists | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 503


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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, years ago I wrote that the United States of America no longer exists. Sadly, recent events have only proven my point. We are not united and that is not going to change anytime soon. Also Five Headlines including insurrectionists taking over Seattle and now trying their hands at building a self-sustaining commune in the middle of the city. It’s going about as well as you’d expect. And later we’re going to play a new game I invented called the Cringe Challenge. It’s a difficult game, and the winner loses. 

00:00 – Opening
02:21 – The United States Of America No Longer Exists
18:18 – Antifa “farming” in the middle of Seattle
21:05 – NBC fights racism by ignoring grammar
21:42 – Police called after BB gun spotted during virtual class
22:44 – Baltimore police take a knee
24:36 – Trump makes more threats
28:40 – All of these celebs are cancelled

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