The US Electric Grid Collapses Due to Green Energy

With temperatures hitting record lows this Christmas weekend, the US found itself in a state of disarray. Freezing Americans were told to turn down their thermostats and stay away from large appliances, due to risks of a blackout.

Even though this warning came at the worst time possible, anyone but the ignorant left saw it coming from a mile away.

Not as resilient as Biden makes it out to be

The main issue is our “resilient” grid has been compromised by the forced green energy transitions that Biden’s been doing ever since he was signed into office.

This created a vast amount of vulnerabilities that the left simply refuses to acknowledge, and more importantly, address.

What’s more, the utility and electric grid operators seemingly weren’t prepared for a surge in demand as the temperatures dropped, forcing more than a few power plants to go offline.

One of these was the PJM Interconnection, which served as an electricity provider to over 65 million Americans across 13 states in the east.

Most of the time, PJM has a surplus of energy; it distributes it to neighboring grids that are going through shortages, but this time, due to the left’s inattentiveness, they too were caught unprepared.

If that wasn’t enough, the gas plants in the surrounding area also failed to provide enough resources for the freezing population, mainly due to a lack of fuel.

Can’t keep blaming it on the storms

Blackouts were prevented for the most part, as PJM sent out orders to several companies to curtail power, but the southeast wasn’t that lucky.

With Christmas knocking at the door, the Tennessee Valley Authority ordered blackouts as the demand for heating grew; with 2/3 of the South reliant on electricity for heating, things weren’t looking up.

Despite the fact that gas-powered electricity generation nearly doubled in the TVA and tripled in North and South Carolina, it wasn’t enough to keep the Christmas lights on.

After all of this, the climate lobby is still dead-set on forcing everyone to shift to electric heating, even after it’s proven to be less effective than gas furnaces, especially in this weather.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single cause for the collapse, but the renewable energy policies stick out like a sore thumb; it’s evident they took part in creating the issues that led to power shortages.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation already warned about these vulnerabilities in their report from last month, but no one chose to respond to them.

The warnings were dismissed without a second thought; the outages were blamed on the “bomb cyclone” that raged through the east coast for the past couple of days.

This year’s emergency was a disaster; if the left doesn’t accept their shortcomings, we should start preparing for all hell to break loose next year.