Thousands Flock to DC, Protesting Vaccine Mandates

Thousands of Americans marched their way all throughout DC this weekend, protesting Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Close to 35,000 people attended the Defeat the Mandates rally to let the White House know they’ve had enough of the COVID-19 vaccine being pushed on them and their children.

The march was promoted by several organizations that were calling for an end to Americans being fired and segregated, due to their vaccine status.

The march takes place just a week after Washington DC issued a vaccine mandate that forces people 12 and older to show proof of vaccination in order to enter venues, restaurants, and other places of entertainment.

Just take a glance at that massive crowd…

More on the Massive Protest

Protestors came with signs that stated, “Say No to Mandates.” Others got more creative and wrote statements, such as “Down with Faucism.”

The protests started with a march to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial; on the way, protestors would chant their displeasure with vaccine mandates.

The demonstrators were a very diverse group of people. There weren’t just conservatives at the march, but there were several Democrats protesting Biden’s mandates too.

One man carried a sign that read, “I’m a Democrat and vaxxed, but I still stand for medical freedom.” Another woman who was interviewed by a reporter covering the events admitted she voted for Joe Biden, but now regrets her vote.

The Democrat voter would go on to say she believes Joe Biden told too many lies and is a criminal. Watch the woman make her bold statements here:

Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Malone Spoke at the Event

Bobby Kennedy Jr., the son of Bobby Kennedy and the nephew of JFK, spoke to a crowd of thousands of people about the topic of ending vaccine mandates.

Kennedy started out his speech by saying the powers that are in control have released information chaos; they are manufacturing fear and manipulation in order to get the entire world vaccinated.

Kennedy then turned to data and went on record saying if you take the vaccine, then you have a 21% chance of dying within the next half year.

He would go on to say if the vaccines are so great, then why is Pfizer refusing to release its data to the public? Instead, Pfizer is attempting to release it gradually over the span of the next 55 years.

Kennedy ended his speech by saying, don’t turn your freedom into a privilege that is only given if you obey the government’s commands.

The inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, also spoke at the rally. He told the crowd his concern about the science behind the vaccines. He also shared the side effects that the vaccines cause in young adolescents.