Trans Woman Skateboarder Steals First Place in Red Bull Competition

"110523-A-RE111-0423" by Joshua Kruger

A recent video circulating the web depicts transgender skateboarder Lillian Gallagher taking the winner’s spot in last year’s Red Bull Cornerstone skateboarding competition, a victory that stirred controversy in the community.

Namely, one of the runner-ups wasn’t too happy about Gallagher’s victory.

The runner-up claimed she’d deserved first place instead and attributed the trans athlete’s victory to Red Bull’s well-known practice of pandering to the gender-neutral crowd.

“110523-A-RE111-0835” by Joshua Kruger

Does biology dictate physical capability? Most certainly!

Despite not being a huge tournament, with only a $5,000 prize at the end for Gallagher, what the fallout was really over was the message sent to the tens of thousands of girls watching the championship on TV.

These girls will be wondering whether they too will be bested by a male usurping into a female-only championship. The dissatisfied runner-up, Taylor Silverman, has written dozens of Twitter posts on the matter.

She slammed Red Bull for even allowing a male to compete in a female-only event, taking nearly $5k in prize money that’d originally been intended for female athletes.

Silverman assures the Cornerstone competition is the last contest series she’s doing with Redbull. She said she’d deserved the win at the fateful event, only to have it stolen for the cause of social justice.

Silverman should’ve won first place. In a sense she did, having won over the hearts of the few Americans who uphold our traditional values that have kept this country going for decades on end.

Woke narrative penetrates into the sports scene

Following the chaos, Silverman added she deserved 1st place, ultimately sending a screenshot of the conversations with RedBull officials to a number of media houses in an attempt to allow the story to gain some traction.

Unfortunately, her request fell on deaf ears.

She was ignored by all of the organizations she’d pitched the story to, despite belonging to a demographic that’s currently being sidelined by none other than the trans community.

Silverman believes biological men shouldn’t be allowed to compete in these events. She believes their mere involvement takes away an opportunity meant for women to place in the event, as well as earn money through participation in the aforementioned.

Fortunately, Silverman wasn’t alone in her fight against the woke environment.

Many Twitter users praised her for her actions, urging her to stay safe as the internet age has brought on dozens of kinds of creeps and weirdos, ready to lash out at the slightest hint of hostility.

Others, however, weren’t too happy with her stance on the matter.

In the style of the liberal crowd they represent, they went on to focus on other aspects of her personality, instead of insulting both her and her skateboarding skills.

They spouted the ridiculous notion that “woman” is not the same as “female,” as only one of the two can actually conceive a child.