Transgender Rachel Levine Becomes Four-Star Admiral

Biden’s Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, 62, has become the first transgender four-star admiral for the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

Levine, earlier in the year, was appointed by Joe Biden to be the United States Health Secretary. Then, on Tuesday, he was sworn as a four-star admiral.

The US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is indeed a uniform service of the United States, just like the Marines and Army. The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) officers wear the same uniforms as Navy officers and usually deal with health crises.

So while China is launching space nukes, here in America, we are nominating 63-year-old transgenders to four-star admirals and calling it “history”.

Details About Levine

Levine was born in Massachusetts and to parents who were both Jewish. After finishing studies at a Hebrew high school, Levine attended Harvard College, then the Tulane University of Medicine, and completed residency in pediatrics.

Levine started his career at Mount Sinai Hospital in the field of pediatrics from 1988-1993. During that time, he met his wife who he had two children with and would later divorce in 2013.

Levine officially transitioned in 2011 to a “woman.” In 2015, Republican Governor Tom Wolf rewarded him by appointing him as Pennsylvania’s Physician General.

In 2017, Levine would go on to be Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health. Later, in 2020, he was sworn in as the assistant secretary of health for the United States after Biden appointed him.

Levine Made the Same Mistakes as Cuomo

According to BBC, just like the former governor of New York, Levine also ordered COVID-19 patients to be sent to nursing homes to receive care. The result of that idiotic decision was hundreds of elderly people dying after being exposed to COVID-19 from patients who weren’t original residents at the nursing homes.

While Levine was the Health Secretary of PA, he approved of legislation that called for COVID-19 patients to be sent to nursing homes to receive care. As Levine was facing a Senate confirmation hearing, it was revealed he made sure his own mother was removed from a nursing home, due to his concerns she might contract COVID-19.

Levine’s actions show he did have some kind of admission of guilt; he even took action for his mother. Yet, he refused to even speak out for all the other elderly people who were facing the same situation as his mother.

Many political analysts believe the United States is continuing to weaken our military image. After observing what happened in Afghanistan, it’s very clear the leadership of the United States military is the weakest link; whereas the brave men and women in lower ranks are the real heroes who make America’s military the best in the world.